Look & Listen 2014

Theory of Evolution and Death of Massive Stars

Overview of the material that will be covered at the “Look & Listen” School 2014


We will first cover some basic principles of stellar evolution, with a particular emphasis on the physics of massive stars. Then we will focus on the phenomena that are currently believed to prominently influence the life of massive stars and determine the conditions at the pre-SN stage. Informed by the most recent observational results, we will also focus on some unsolved problems in stellar physics and how they could impact the death of massive stars and their stellar remnants.


  1. Tuesday 14 Jan

    • Principles of stellar evolution (20+10)

    • Massive Stars evolution: Main Sequence and He-Burning (20+10)

    • Massive Stars evolution: Late evolutionary stages (20+10)

  2. Thursday 16 Jan

    • Stellar Rotation (20+10)

    • Stellar Rotation and Magnetic Fields (20+10)

    • Mass loss (20+10)

  3. Friday 17 Jan

    • Massive Binary Stars (20+10)

    • Very Massive Stars (20+10)

    • Progenitors of NS/BH, SNe, PISNe, GRBs (20+10)

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