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Jace Harker

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New York, NY
Joined Mar 2013

Jace (short for John Chamberlain) Harker believes that the best science is built on collaboration and sharing. His goal -- and not coincidentally, his role at Authorea -- is to help make science better. Jace received his PhD in Materials Science from the University of Rochester in 2012. Before Authorea, from 2009-2015 Jace worked for Springer, one of the largest academic publishers in the world, first as a physics editor and then as a product manager for apps and websites. Jace was an undergraduate physics major at MIT and Marlboro College. He grew up in Monmouth, Maine. In his spare time, Jace co-runs the [Brick Oven Brooklyn](http://www.meetup.com/Brick-Oven-Brooklyn/) meetup group, which hosts Open Baking Days throughout the year. On Open Baking Day the general public is invited to come bake at an outdoor wood-fired community brick oven in Brooklyn's Washington Park. Jace is also occasionally an amateur singer and actor.


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